Update: Still Transitioning

Dry earth, Santa Ana winds,  record-breaking heat, and wildfires have been our reality in Southern California in recent weeks.  Seemed ridiculous to complain about the weather cramping my autumn vibes when I was fortunate enough not to have been evacuated from my home.  #perspective

Still I forged ahead, putting one pumpkin branch in front of another, lighting fall-scented candles, willing a shift in seasons.

At it worked!  At long last the heat seems to have broken…hopefully for good this time.  So I’m going to do this foggy, cool November morning justice with a classic fall bouquet.


I picked up some leafy greenery, pumpkin branches, and hydrangeas.


In a tall vase with a few inches of water, I placed the greenery first.  I just love these wispy leaves.


Next I evenly distributed the hydrangeas among the greenery.


Then finished by placing pumpkin branches throughout.




The hydrangeas will die first.  When they do, pluck them, put them in the trash, change the water in the vase and buy yourself another couple of days with just the greenery and the pumpkin branches.

IMG_6600 (1)