They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  Like banging your head against a wall.  Or year after year, thinking that just because they started selling pumpkins at the grocery store, the heat will break so I can wear sweaters and boots again.  This year will mark my 9th fall in Southern California and I am slowly but surely learning that the transition into autumn is a little more subtle at the beach.  It begins after Labor Day, when the crowds clear and tourists leave town.  I’ll be pleasantly surprised, for example, when we can get a table at Nick’s or find parking downtown.  Then the quality of the light starts to change.  Again, this is gradual. By October I might note that there’s such chill in the air at dinnertime that we need to shut all the doors and windows. My experience also tells me that there will be another heat wave, but it will be brief and temporary (and hopefully won’t fall on Thanksgiving or Christmas Day).  I guess you could say that my expectations seem more manageable this year.

And in the spirit of accepting the reality of the stubborn seasonal shift in Southern California, I am going to make appropriate choices and transition patiently.  Instead of reaching for those oh-so-tempting pumpkin branches at Trader Joe’s this weekend, I decided to hold off, opting for a softer palate that still said “fall” to me.


At $2.99, $ 3.99, and $2.49, respectively, my choices hardly put a dent in my weekly grocery bill.


Love these Craspedias, whatever they are.


I started with the fullest bouquet, placing them in a vase with about 4-5 inches of water.


Then I added the next fullest bouquet, spacing them evenly throughout the arrangement.


Finished by peppering with the wispy yellow balls to add a pop of color.


Voila!  NBD.  Happy fall ya’ll!!!