My twin brother once told me that the very first thing you should do when you make a list is write “Make List” so as soon as you finish the list you can cross the first item off, thereby experiencing an immediate sense of accomplishment. I laughed at him at the time and it remains an ongoing joke in our family, but these days I am finding that it was actually pretty good advice. My lists just seem to be getting longer and longer and I find I’m not checking things off as quickly as my type-A personality would like. Some weeks they seem so cumbersome and exhausting that even a simple task, such as picking up the dry cleaning, remains incomplete.

I long for the simplicity of my mid-twenties when I could waste away hours browsing shops in San Francisco, wandering idly through various neighborhoods before meeting a girlfriend for a cocktail at 2 p.m. I once planned an entire dinner party around a dozen silk, brightly colored slippers I found in Chinatown. I look back at that time in my life now and think, “Who the hell has that kind of time or energy? Who was I? What have I become?”

Kids, work, marriage, and the demands of adult life have all but carved out the space I used to have in my life for creativity and design. But the thing is, I am not willing to compromise having a certain lifestyle. I still want to make delicious meals for family and friends. I love to entertain and set a beautiful table. Nothing gives me more pleasure than ornately wrapping a gift. I aspire to always have fresh flowers in my kitchen, but I don’t always have the time or budget to make that happen.

So, I recently decided to simplify my efforts. I may have once been a mini-Martha Stewart who was willing to spend the better part of a day preparing a 3-course meal from scratch, stopping at a dozen markets to pick up each unique ingredient, but that model just does not fit with my new, young family. This blog is about exploring ways to streamline my efforts while maintaining a certain aesthetic in my home and indeed, my life. It doesn’t need to be a big deal.   In fact, really, it’s no big deal.

I hope you are able to learn how to adopt and appreciate an “NBD” lifestyle. I welcome your ideas, feedback, and comments. Enjoy.


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    1. Love it!!!! You are such a beautiful writer!!! Love you and can’t wait to read more!

  1. I love it! I am going to Trader Joes tomorrow for pumpkin branches and making your ice tea cocktails next weekend. Keep it up! Also I love what you did with your flowers at your wedding. Gorgeous!!

  2. Luuuvvvv this!!! I’m so pumped for all of these great ideas!!! Congrats on doing this-freaking awesome.

  3. You have such an awesome website. I look forward every couple of weeks to your articles, fun décor and your awesome healthy recipes! Miss you


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