The First Sip is Like Jumping Into the Pacific Ocean

With a weather report like this at the beaches in Southern California, there really aren’t that many options.


Especially, if like me, you do not have air conditioning.  Oh, and for the record, there is not a cloud in the sky so don’t believe that “partly cloudy” nonsense.

You can close the blinds, turn up the fans, and eat popsicles, but nothing will really take care of that thin layer of perspiration on your upper lip like a cold glass of ice tea spiked with a generous pour of vodka, garnished with lemon wedges and fresh garden mint.

This is my go-to summer cocktail.  Some days just beg for an earlier happy hour and I am not one to judge.  The fact that it’s Monday makes the argument all the more convincing as far as I’m concerned.  Besides, there are many time zones one may adhere to and that’s the beauty of having choices.

Don’t make it a big deal, just make the damn drink already!  The first sip truly is like jumping into the Pacific Ocean.

Pacific Ocean Tea:

Get your favorite glasses (the bigger the better) and fill them to the brim with ice. Do a very healthy pour of citrus vodka (Kettle One Citron is my fave, but on a budget Smirnoff Lemon will absolutely do it). Squeeze in a couple of fresh lemon wedges. Fill the rest of the glass with Snapple Ice Tea (Diet or Regular, again, no judgment). Garnish with mint leaves. Repeat every hour on a hot summer afternoon.