Daffodils + Eggs = Easter

This year Easter aligns perfectly with spring break.  I am someone who really appreciates this sort of cosmic intervention…kind of like when your birthday falls on a Saturday, but arguably, even better.  Accordingly, we head out of town the day after Easter Sunday and I did not necessarily feel like spending a fortune on flowers that would be left alone for a week.  Whenever I’m that situation, I look to my garden and then, Trader Joe’s (in that order).


This camellia bush has been kind to me for years, providing me with lush pink blossoms for many dinner parties.  Clipped and tucked in a bud vase,  camellia blossoms add a pop of color to any table or nightstand.

But I really don’t think there’s a flower more fitting for Easter than daffodils. It is the quintiessential spring bloom-  bright, cheerful, and playful.  And at $1.49 a bunch it simply will not break your bank even during the toughest of times.


Okay, so we’ve got the flowers covered.  What about the table?  I decided to make homemade candles using tea lights and egg shells.  So easy!  Can you crack an egg?


If so, you got this.


Gently pull the shell apart and use the egg for something else (breakfast?).


Carefully wash out the shell under a cold, gentle stream of water, using your finger to rinse out the egg.


Insert a tea candle into the shell.


Voila!  Little egg candles.  NBD.


Scattered down a table with daffodils in bud vases?  Yup, that’ll do.  Now what about name cards?  I found an old Piperlime box in my garage and was inspired by the pretty green patterned cardboard.


So I used scissors to cut into a roughly 3 x 2 name card and wrote names on them with a Sharpie.


Now if you’re not a craft hoarder like me and you don’t happen to have a Piperlime box in your garage (after all, they are out of business), fear not, any patterned paper will do.  Michael’s has them in droves for 39 cents a piece.  Propped against a bud vase, I think it makes quite the statement.


Use what you have, be creative, have fun and do not make it a big deal.  Happy Easter to all my peeps!