Pumpkin Butter

Did I stutter when I said it was time to get my pumpkin on?

This recipe is adapted from an old Martha Stewart Living recipe, circa 2001. To make it healthier, I use a little less butter and a little more pumpkin than Martha. It literally takes all of 5 minutes to prepare and will last weeks refrigerated.  It is delicious spread over a slice of raisin toast or nutty wholegrain bread, but it’s also SO YUM lathered on a baked sweet potato or steamed cauliflower.

Grab 2 sticks of butter and a can of pure pumpkin.


Let the butter warm to room temperature (this will take several hours). Put the soft butter in a bowl with half the can of pure pumpkin and a teaspoon each of nutmeg, cinnamon, and all spice.


Mix aggressively, smoothing out any lumps.


Transfer to tupperware and refrigerate.

To make it a bigger deal, don’t be afraid to spoon it into a more attractive jar or container.  I bought this little guy at Ikea for no more than 99 cents (including tax, I’m sure).


Cover the lid of the jar with a small piece of fabric or burlap and use a rubber band to keep it in place.  If you’re unsure of what size to cut, use a compact disk case to trace a square…that should be just about right depending on the size of the jar, but modify accordingly.


To cover the rubber band, use a piece of ribbon and tie it in a bow with a neat bundle of leaves.


Drop it off at your neighbor’s house or bring it in to the office like it’s no big deal.  

And really, it isn’t.